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Smoothie Saturdays

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As a family we like to spend saturday mornings around the kitchen table, enjoying tasty treats; whether it's sweet teddy bear pancakes or pretty pink smoothies. As Jon doesn't get home until gone seven during the week, the weekends are our chance to enjoy meals together as a family.

healthy smoothie recipe ideas for kids - buddy and bear blog

I have vague memories of promising myself and our family a healthy new start in January - the month I succumbed to years of lust and finally bought a Nutribullet. Now it's march (how did you come round so soon?) and I'm pleased to say, it's still going strong. We're all enjoying the little gadget.

Fun smoothie activities for kids with Buddy and Bear

Sammy loves helping to pour the milk and spoon the oats. It's a lovely sensory activity, no matter how much of it ends up over his pjs. Together we're able to discuss the fruit and veg, practice chopping and prepping and there's no end to the healthy variants we can use. It pulverises almonds, beetroot and carrots in an instant, keeping all the good bits.

Smoothie recipe ideas for kids - Buddy and Bear blog

He's usually pretty pleased with the results too! 

With a little help from you guys on Instagram, we tried out a few of your recommendations...

Berry Breakfast
1 Banana
1 Handful Berries 
Handful kale
Large handful of oats
1 tbs natural or Greek yogurt
Dollop of coconut oil

Green Smoothie
Handful Pineapple
Handful Spinach
1 Banana
1 Kiwi fruit
5 Almonds

Skin Tonic
Beetroot (medium)
Large Apple
2 Carrots
Small nub ginger 
Sprig mint leaves
Slice of lemon to serve

The latter was a suggestion for me as I complained about my complexion resembling that of an adolescent lately (any other tips welcome!). It's based on Liz Earle’s recipe that was suggested for helping to revive problem skin. The colour from the beetroot is amazing!

Smoothie recipe ideas for toddlers - Buddy and Bear Blog

They were so good! All in all, like you said, anything banana based is usually a winner in the toddler's book (although he always gets a load of frozen spinach or kale in there too). We like to prep fruit in advance and stash it in the freezer - that way we can easily enjoy them during the week too.

As our smoothie adventure continues, we're also beginning to experiment with things like wheatgrass powder to add an extra healthy kick. We'd love to hear your ideas though - do you have any favourites? 

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