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We're having a baby!

In the autumn we will become a family of four (plus Buddy the cat; let's not forget Buddy). It's all kinds of exciting and wonderful and scary. The usual thoughts are going through my mind - will it be ok? Are we going to break our first born's heart? Are we going to give him a friend for life? How the heck will we get out of the house? Most of all though, I can't believe I'm getting to do it all again.

Being pregnant the second time round has been pretty different. This time, I can't instantly tell you which sized vegetable my unborn child is comparable to. I struggle to remember what week I'm in and barely have a clue on the months. This little pickle, who is so loved already, inevitably just doesn't get the same all-consuming attention. 

Most days are spent running after an energy zapping toddler. The times I normally work, I'm struggling to open my eyes. By bath-time, I'm dreaming of wine. On the flip side, the worrying is less. The waiting for kicks (this little guy has become quite the wriggler) and the waiting in general has eased up. I'm almost in my third trimester and it feels like a blink.

So hold on little bubba. We cannot wait to meet you. We're preparing your big bro as best we possibly can but to be honest, he still looks at me like a crazy lady when I tell him there's a baby in my belly. Until we see your tiny face, I'm going to savour these moments. When your brother's bedtime comes, I'll hold him tight and tell him tales of your future friendship. When my own bedtime arrives, I'll sit in the quiet and whisper to you as you tap and poke in response.

This mama can't believe her luck.


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