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4 ways to make toddler toast

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When I'm trying to rustle up a quick kid's breakfast, lunch or healthy snack, cute bear toast never lets me down. They've filled our fussy toddler's tummy since he was teeny tiny.

Buddy and Bear Toast | Fun food for kids and toddlers

I thought I'd share with you four tried and tested ideas that are much more simple than you'd think and guaranteed to raise a smile with even the pickiest of breakfast-avoiding pipsqueaks!


 Peanut Butter Kids Toast | Food Art

Peanut butter, banana and blueberries
The rules always seem to be changing on PB but latest weaning guidelines say it can be introduced from 6 months (unless your child has an allergy, in which case, seek medical advice). It's always a winner in our house - possibly something to do with the amount of peanut butter and banana muffins I consumed whilst pregnant... Anyway, I digress, 'nanas make the best little ears and the squishiness of this one makes it good for baby led weaning.

Buddy and Bear | Healthy Toddler Meal Lunch Idea

Hummus, cheese and olive
Cheese is brilliant for foodie faces as you can cut from slices with scissors to make all sorts of curves and shapes. Also, what kiddo doesn't like hummus? Play with cucumber circles to get some fresh greenery in there too.

Buddy and Bear Cute Toddler Toast

Nutella, kiwi, blueberry and apple
A super yummy treat - it's a popular after-nursery snack over here. Chocolatey paws all over the furniture aren't so popular though... This one gets messy!

Buddy and Bear | Cute Kid's Food | Family Food Ideas

Soft cheese, banana, strawberry and raisin
Fills up those tummies and there's something about the raisins on the white Philadelphia that looks super sweet (especially for polar bears!). You can have fun cutting up berries for bows and little pink noses too. 


There really are so many variations on these. I did it in a bit of a rush before the nursery run (hence the rather questionable hummus bear!) - but it just goes to show how quick they really are. 

Buddy and Bear Toddler food ideas


  • Place eyes low down the head and far apart for the extra sweet look!
  • Dark eyes tend to look cuter than pale - so blueberries and raisins always work well.
  • Use kitchen scissors to cut out shapes from things like cheese, ham and carrots (sliced lengthways)
  • Cookie cutters also work great.
  • Take a photo of your masterpiece before you put it in front of the little - the ears are bound to be in their bellies before you've managed a snap. Unless they're still pointing and giggling, which is also a good thing!

Buddy and Bear | Baby Food Ideas | Fun Food


Hopefully this has given you some ideas to create your own and we'd love to see them! 

So, we're giving two lucky chefs the chance to win a £20 giftcard each. Share photos of your kawaii creations on Instagram until the end of July using #buddyandbeartoast. We will pick the winners and announce on 1st August.

Have fun! ˙ᵜ˙

Competition ends at midnight on 31 July 2017. Open worldwide. Entrants must be aged 18 or over.

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