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A Sleepy Wishlist

Sarah Weston

With the second baby on the way, there are a few things I've been hankering after to make life a tiny bit more restful (and beautiful!)...

new born baby sleep recommendations wishlist

1. Starting with the bbhugme pillow. I've been told by so many friends that this squishy sausage is a must for pregnancy comfort. It's an investment, but designed by chiropractors in the prettiest of colour-ways, I've been assured it will be used long after your little arrives (approx £116)

2. A Sleepyhead is 'the ultimate pod for your baby'. Everyone seems to have one these days – a little co-sleeping cloud of security that new babies love. It can also make the transition to the big cot that little bit easier (approx £110).

3. MoKee are one of our favourite European independent brands for stylish and affordable nursery kit. Their mini cots come in the loveliest of shades (that mint!) AND have an option for underneath storage (something I'm struggling with as our Ikea cot seems too low for any boxes). If you haven't seen their wool nests and bumpers, you should totally check them out...

4. The stunning Natural Bilia Bassinet by is handcrafted out of natural elephant grass by basket weavers in Nothern Ghana. Each basket takes several days to weave from start to finish and is made under strict standards, in an effort to promote fair trade rather than aid. A really special product to be treasured for years to come (approx £105)

5. I think Ewan the dream sheep is a must this time round. We used the white noise app a lot last time but would much rather not use the phone and have a little pal to help keep our little settled. So happy he now comes in grey as I have silly issues with purple (approx £29.95)

6. Again, the Perfect Prep machine is an investment we went without last time. Whilst I breast fed S to begin with, we usually bottle fed for the dream feed. This makes the bleary-eyed measuring scoops thing a whole lot easier (approx £69.99)

7. The Snuzpod is a practical co-sleeper that looks great too. Instead of trying to haul the bubba out of the crib for feeds, they snooze away right beside you so you can keep an eye on them all night long. Choosing between the dove grey and natural or the white or the putty is a toughie though... (approx (£169.99 + mattress)

So yep, that's a long list! We'll have to pick a couple of items to suit our budget as it's so easy to get carried away with a tiny little bean on the way. I'm pretty sure we'll be investing in a Snuzpod though as we're without a crib this time round (please someone help me with the colour picking!).

If you have any other ideas to make life easier with a new born, please share below :)


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