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Welcome to our Book Cub!

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Buddy and Bear Book Cub

There's not a lot sweeter for me than slow rainy afternoons indoors, snuggling up to a story.

These days picture books have somewhat taken place of proper grown up fiction (although, I actually got sooo close to finishing Goldfinch on holiday last summer. Don't ask me what was happening). But this is fine. Delicious illustrations, combined with the powdery smell of my baby's head as he nuzzles beneath my chin makes me kind of giddy (don't get me started on their pointy finger jabbing at the pages). 

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

So, I thought maybe I'd find a comfy spot here on our blog to share a bit of that love with the (drum roll) Buddy and Bear Book Cub! As our home fills ever faster with colourful paper tales (for I find I have no spending guilt or limit in a bookshop), I hope that I'm passing it onto my children too.

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

Growing up, my parents read to me every night. We made frequent trips to the library just to hang out with the tattered, cello-taped stories and every now and then, my dad would arrive home from work to pull a freshly scented book from his briefcase. We'd share it together at bedtime, a special treat that my brothers weren't in on. 

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

Reading to the kids makes us stop still. To ask questions and actually listen to their answers. It always suprises me how much of their understanding, language, empathy and imagination can be uncovered when discussing a simple narrative. Even if sometimes I do tempt Sammy towards the shortest book on the shelf as my head hurts just too much at the end of a long long day; it's still a precious moment of bonding and shared experience that tends to get pushed aside in the busy clutter of daily life.

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

Here I'll share with your some of our pre-school favourites; young and old, old and new. If you have any suggestions for our Book Cub series, please do comment below. In the mean time, here's a peak of some of the books we'll be featuring soon. Which stories are the most loved in your house?


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  • Sarah on

    Aw, we love Mog too Colleen! Can’t wait to get started – so glad you’ll join us :)

  • Colleen Larmour on

    Hello! I’ll look forward to your shares as we devour and share a lot of children’s books in our home too! Going through a massive Mog obsession at the minute and have read Mog and the Baby 5000 times!

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