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Book Cub – Spring is in the air

Sarah Weston Book Cub Books Design Spring

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

Snuggle up! The Buddy and Bear Book Cub is here. Milk and cookies are at the ready and we're about to share some beautiful stories.

Buddy and Bear Book Cub

In London, the bobble hats are finally retreating as the daffodils come into bloom. So I thought, where better place to start? For Buddy and Bear's first Book Cub, I'll share three of our favourite feel good stories as we start to see the first cheery buds of a new season. Uplifting tales that celebrate the simple pleasures in the world around us...

Oskar Loves... 
Britta Teckentrup | ISBN:  978-3791372709
The pages of this one make my knees a bit wobbly. Britta Teckentrup's delicious looking, sweetly simple narrative talks about our favourite things.
Oskar Loves
Oskar loves the soft green grass, the silence of the snow, sweet red cherries and invites you to discuss what you love too. We like to think of Oskar on our walks to pre-school, picking out our favourite shaped leaves and listening out to the swishing of the trees above. The world is a magical place when you look through this little bird's eyes and something tells us your littles will agree.
Hooray for Hoppy
Tim Hopgood | 
ISBN: 978-1447257097
This is a cheerful tale that explores one little bunny's journey into spring. Along the way, we learn all about our five senses as we take deep sniffs of the flowers and pretend to nibble at the meadow's grass.
Hooray for Hoppy
Tim Hopgood's illustrations are whimsical with a very pleasing palette. A lovely way to explore the wonders of the new season ahead.

Pass it On
Sophy Henn | ISBN: 978-0723299868

I think you'll be seeing Sophy's name here a lot. One of our all time favourites, her illustrations never fail to make us smile. And this book even more so. Pass it On is all about finding happiness in the smallest of things and bringing that joy to others so that one day it'll come back to you.  

Buddy and Bear book cub

"I smiled a smile and now I'm passing it on..."
A visual candy shop of colours and the sweetest sentiment, this is a book with a message we like to live by!


Thanks for joining us for our first Book Cub. If you have any recommendations, please post them in the comments below. You can also share your favourites with us on instagram using the hashtag #thebookcub

Happy reading!


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